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Obtain permits and filing documents
Transportation of decedent under 200 lbs
Secure Storage
Honorable Cremation
Cremation Container under 200 lbs
Scattering Urn
Local hand delivery of remains
Obituary Listing
Everything Base has +
1 Certified Death Certificate
$150 Urn Discount
Post-Loss Family Estate Guide
Online Grief Course
Cremation Container under 250 lbs
Transportation of decedent under 250 lbs
Everything Crest has +
3 Certified Death Certificates
$250 Urn Discount
Nationwide Delivery of remains
Professional Estate Settlement Consultation
Memorial Tree Planted
Online Grief Counseling / Ask a Therapist
Cremation Container (no weight limit)
Transportation of decedent (no weight limit)



After's care team serves families from San Bernardino to Riverside, West Covina to Temecula, as they grieve the loss of a loved one. Trust our California Care Team to ensure that your loved one is attended to at every step in the cremation process.

Our dedicated California cremation team is here to make certain your arrangements are both clear-cut and dignified. We collaborate with hospitals, medical examiners, and hospices, delivering comprehensive cremation services that let you concentrate on your family in these challenging moments.

Recognizing the deep sorrow of losing a loved one, our main objective is to provide tranquility of mind throughout the cremation planning phase. Our licensed funeral directors and attentive care team stand ready to assist you, whether you're organizing cremation for a recently departed loved one or considering preneed services for yourself. With After, you can effortlessly arrange everything online or over the phone, and upon the cremation's completion, we pledge the safe return of your loved one’s remains to your home.‍

Reach out to After's California Care Team today and journey through the cremation process with unwavering, heartfelt support.

How much does a funeral or cremation cost




Funeral and cremation costs can significantly differ across states, with the average price ranging between $1,200 to $3,500 for basic services. Below are the average direct cremation, direct burial, cremation memorial, and traditional funeral costs in


based on the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) data from 2021-2023 surveys. Keep in mind, these estimates may fluctuate based on your specific location and the funeral or cremation provider you select.

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All-inclusive cremations

Unlike many California funeral homes that may initially quote low prices before piling on additional charges, we choose a different path. We proudly offer Californians all-inclusive cremation services with clear, upfront costs, guaranteeing a no-surprises experience from start to finish.

❌ Traditional Funeral Homes

There's no right way, only your way

In California, is transforming the funeral industry by offering a fully online cremation service arrangement. We believe that Californian families should have the convenience of organizing and paying for cremation services from anywhere, without unnecessary delays. The process is swift, designed to be completed in just a few minutes, and the price you see is the price you get, making it a straightforward choice for families in California.

❌ Traditional Funeral Homes

World-class care

For Californians, we prioritize your needs and preferences above all. We're here to provide support exactly as you need it, helping you plan a tribute to your loved one in a way that suits you best, at a price that's right for you. Our fundamental goal is to assist you in commemorating and honoring your loved one, ensuring everything we do helps save you time, money, and effort.

❌ Traditional Funeral Homes

Local Funeral Homes in

California is a premier provider for cremation services, offering the most affordable and highest value cremation in the area, however we understand that our expertise may not align with every family's preferences for traditional funeral arrangements. Traditional funeral homes are better equipped to offer extensive burial and cemetery services, ensuring that those looking for conventional funeral options find the support and services they require to honor their loved ones according to their wishes.

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