our mission

We're shifting the power from funeral homes to families—saving them time, money and energy for what matters most.

Since the birth of humanity

Death rituals have come in all forms, from entombment to scattering remains at sea. A way for family and community to acknowledge the death of a loved one and find new life in its wake, these rituals have long been an experience of healing and transcendence.

That is, until the rise of the American funeral industry, starting in the 19th century. What had long been a transcendent experience was degraded to a transaction. Complicated and unnecessary funeral practices became the only acceptable way to lay a loved one to rest. Death was forced into a box.

An overpriced, black box

One that put the interests of the funeral home before those of the family—profits before people. Today, large corporations and private equity conglomerates are buying up family-owned funeral homes at an alarming rate, commercializing what’s left of a compassionate industry—the deceased,

once memorialized, now monetized

It's time to break out of the box

We refuse to accept the unnecessary costs and complicated processes of an industry shrouded in secrecy and dominated by profit. We see a day when everyone plans for death and every life is celebrated in its own unique way. At After, we stand for affordability, transparency and world-class care.

What we value

We don’t put you in a box, let alone an overpriced one. Our process is quick, easy and totally customizable to fit your budget, needs and final wishes.

Remember to live

Death reminds us what matters and inspires us to live fully—every day.

It’s not just business—it’s personal

There’s nothing more universal than death—and nothing more personal. Our ‘why’ will get us through any ‘how’.

Compassion is our compass

Our True North is people over profit, helping families navigate all things end-of-life.

What you see is what you get

Just like our prices, we’re upfront and honest in everything we say and do.

Catalyst for change

At After, we don’t do anything just because it was done that way before.

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