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The Hidden Costs of Traditional Burial: Why You Should Consider Cremation

Traditional burial costs are rising, and many are turning to cremation services to simplify the process. See what hidden costs are associated with funeral plans.

November 22, 2021
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‍Rising Funeral Costs Are Leading More People Toward Cremation
The Costs of Traditional Burials
Break the Mold, Not the Bank

The last thing anyone wants to worry about after losing a loved one is the financial burden associated with funeral planning. What started as plans to honor someone’s life is quickly overshadowed by, “How are we going to pay for this?” Comfort can come in knowing that there are alternatives, like cremation, that can save you from the hidden costs of a traditional burial.

‍Rising Funeral Costs Are Leading More People Toward Cremation

Unless it is your job, planning for a funeral isn’t something many people get used to or understand – financially speaking. Yet, these burial costs quickly add up. During such an emotionally taxing time, it can be difficult to research and price things out, but this is why more are leaning toward cremation services to cut down on the average cost and simplify the process. 

The average cost of funeral services seems to be rising. The National Funeral Directors Association estimated the median cost to be nearly $9,000, yet the average cost of cremation cuts that number by a third or more. Why such a difference? 

Let’s break it down:

The Costs of Traditional Burials

A casket at a funeral being prepared to be lowered into the ground


You can avoid embalming costs (typically $725+) if you choose cremation services. If you aren’t planning on doing cremation within 24 hours, it’s likely your state will still require it, but with pre-planning, your cremation process can be ready whenever that time comes with direct cremation services. Eliminate stress and worry so that you can focus on the more important emotional needs of that moment.

Viewing Space & Preparations

Having cremation services near you helps alleviate the need to prolong things. Traditional viewings not only delay the process, but they quickly eat at your wallet without you realizing it. Storing the body, renting a space, hiring staff, handling cosmetic body care, etc. are just some of the associated costs. Some of these costs are included in the base fee for most mortuaries (around $2,100), but some of these are additional costs that stack up, adding $700 or more. Cremation eliminates these extra costs and allows you to experience a smoother transition.


Transportation has a wide cost difference between services. Choosing a traditional funeral includes a hearse rental, extra vehicles for the family, transportation of the body from site to site, driver costs, etc. The cremation process minimizes this. Your loved one is moved to one location and their remains are securely shipped back to you. There is no need to carry this burden more than you have to, especially financially.

Casket and Burial Costs

The casket alone is a hefty cost ($2,400+), but many don’t realize that a casket vault is required by nearly all cemeteries, which can add $1,400 or more. You must also purchase a plot, which ranges upward of $2,000, not to mention the headstone and engraving can also be pretty pricey – ranging between $250 to even $6,000. Cremation with not only includes an already price-friendly container for the cremation to be performed but also allows for a much more cost-effective selection of urns that, for most, are more memorable than a plot they visit once or twice a year.

Break the Mold, Not the Bank

Losing your loved one is already a difficult adjustment. Remembering and honoring them shouldn’t come at a cost harder to handle than the emotional toll. Don’t let the pressure or societal “norms” force you to take on financial burdens that will tax you more than your late loved one would want. Moving forward and showing reverence for those who have passed on doesn’t have to be a financial labor. Cherish the memories and honor them – without worrying about the final bill. 

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