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How Cremation Is Paving the Future of How We Say Goodbye

Cremation is quickly becoming the preferred funeral method over traditional burial because of its simplicity and affordability. Learn more about the benefits of cremation and how low-cost cremation options are transforming the funeral industry.

December 21, 2021
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‍Consider the Future
‍A Brighter Path

‍Consider the Future

During the moments of losing a loved one, we are not often looking at the future of things, but rather, we are reminiscing of times passed and memories shared. Considering the direction of how we honor those who have passed on, however, affects how we prepare our funeral plans – wallets included. Affordable cremation services are not only easing this process, but cremation is paving a path in the way society as a whole will say their farewells.

Upcoming Generations Prefer the Ease of Cremation

As the sun sets on one generation, it rises on the next, and millennials are changing the direction of things – even when it comes to funeral arrangements. Millennials typically favor effortless, streamlined processes – especially in a fast-paced world. Even though time stops when we lose someone we love, cremation can remove some of the stress associated with funeral planning. Millennials would rather skip the hassle of expensive showrooms and caskets and opt for a more convenient, affordable choice with pre-planning available.

Environmental Concerns

Environmental consciousness is another paradigm shift growing among millennials. After losing a loved one, this may not be your first thought, but think about how a traditional burial process can harm the environment. Because of the combination of embalming chemicals, concrete, metal, etc., cemeteries start to sound more like landfills when it comes to the environment.

Paying your respect and love to lost loved ones doesn't have to come at a cost to the world they also sought to build. Cremation is far more sensitive to the environment – not to mention the value of space in a growing, global population makes traditional burials difficult. This is one reason cremation is a common practice in several areas of the world that have densely populated cities.

A seedling being planted in fresh dirt, cupped by hands, representing how cremation is a more environmentally-friendly option

Advancing in a Digital World

Our world now relies on online services and delivery convenience for practically every facet. Because cremation is primarily the most simplistic method in funeral planning, it is quickly becoming the main method for funeral service found on the web. Additionally, cremation allows you to easily coordinate and arrange everything online from wherever you are in the world. You won’t have to tour a funeral home or compare caskets in person.

Convenience Despite Travel

Because our lives are more digitally accessible and it is easier to maintain communication no matter where you are, families are spreading out. After losing a loved one, it can be challenging to arrange and coordinate a short-notice funeral that everyone will be able to attend.

Keeping a loved one in a preserved state to allow funeral planning can be expensive and, at times, impossible. Cremation not only provides more flexibility for families to plan and gather in honor of their loved ones, but it also allows everyone to experience that in-person closure that’s often healing.

Memorial candles floating on water after a cremation service

Financial Simplicity

The ballooning cost associated with traditional services is the number one reason things have trended toward cremation. Many hidden costs around burials add up and put financial pressure on families. Because of this, more are leaning toward memorial services rather than a formal funeral.

The average cost of cremation cuts out several of the heavy costs associated with a burial--mortuary fees, cemetery plots, caskets, embalming, etc. Affordable cremation offers simple means of providing dignified care for our loved ones who have passed while also providing an involved, meaningful memorial service.

The sun setting above the clouds

‍A Brighter Path

Losing a loved one is emotionally taxing and, often, traditional burial creates far more headaches than closure. As time moves forward, cremation can equally help many move past the immediate pain of their loss while ensuring that it doesn’t place financial strain on those left behind. Cremation is paving a path for the future that helps us look at things just a bit more brightly than before by offering grieving families options for providing dignified care for their loves ones.

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