Losing a loved one is hard, and worrying about funeral expenses can add to your heartache. Death is a time when a family should be mourning and remembering the life of a loved one, but you may find yourself stressing over funeral plans and expensive services instead.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

Although funeral costs continue to rise, you can implement some strategies to cut your expenses and avoid much of the financial burden. In this article, we will review three of the best ways to save on funeral services so you can focus on what is most important--your family.

1. Set Your Budget Early

Many people find budgeting difficult, but knowing beforehand what you can and can’t afford will help you avoid spending too much. We all want to honor our loved ones when it comes to planning a funeral, but premium items and extravagant services can be incredibly expensive.

Before you look for funeral plans, determine the maximum amount you can spend on services and commit to that amount. It is crucial to stay within your means, and setting a budget gives you an idea of what services to look for.

As much as possible, avoid impulse purchases for major items. Give yourself a few days before deciding on an item or a service, or ask for feedback from family and friends. This way, you can avoid buyer’s remorse or a purchase you can’t afford.

2. Compare Your Options

There is a wide variety of funeral services, so it make take some time to review them all and find the best fit for your situation. Don't rush into the first option you find without considering a few other services and comparing them.

For example, you may compare an affordable cremation plan to a standard funeral home plan. Services will vary between companies, so be sure to find a funeral company near you that can provide your exact needs.

Direct Cremation

Cremation is becoming a more popular option for affordable funeral planning. Direct cremation means there is no viewing, farewell ceremony, or hearse, which eliminates a large chunk of the major funeral costs. It is one of the most affordable funeral options and can save you thousands compared to a traditional burial service.

As with any funeral service, direct cremation can vary between companies. If you are looking for cremation costs near you, do your research and select a company that will meet all your needs without charging hidden or unexpected fees.

3. Prepay and Save

Selecting a plan in advance and prepaying for the services is great another way you can save on funeral costs. Many adults agree that preplanning a funeral is a good idea, though few have done so. Prepaying for a funeral service involves selecting your desired plan and paying it off over a three to five-year period. The plan is then in place for when you die.

Prepaying for a funeral can save you money by locking in today’s prices. The cost of services and items is rising, so preplanning your funeral will lock in the current prices. Even if costs increase in the future, you will only pay the amount you originally agreed to.

Prepaying for your funeral requires some deciding between which service you prefer and the company you would like to go through, but it can save you money and reduce the burden on your loved ones after you have passed.

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