Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I pre-plan my funeral?

When you pre-plan a funeral, you lock in the price on the day you purchase or begin the installment plan. Ultimately, by locking in a price years before you expect to need the funeral, you can save yourself and your family hundreds to thousands of dollars in funeral expenses.

For many people, funeral concerns focus mainly on being a burden to family--both the endless decision-making and the costs. The last thing you want is for your family to have to worry about funeral expenses during the tragedy of your passing away. By pre-paying, you save money and relieve your family of the burden regarding funeral planning.

What are prepaid cremation services?

Prepaid cremation services allow you to prepay for your cremation services and lock in today's rates.

Paying ahead has always been a way to reduce overall costs by side-stepping inflation. When the market inflates - as it does steadily - the general cost of goods and services will go up. Prepaying for your cremation ensures that whenever you eventually pass, your final expenses are covered.

How do prepaid cremation plans work?

Prepaid cremation plans are a type of final expense insurance. The policy you purchase ensures that when you pass, your cremation services are paid for, regardless of what the prices may be at that time.

Can I pay over time?

Absolutely. We typically offer 3-year and 5-year payment plans. You also have the option to pay for the policy upfront. To determine the plan that's right for you and your situation, speak to one of our licensed pre-planning specialists today.

So, is this life insurance?

It's similar. Cremation insurance is a unique version of life insurance where the funeral home ( is the beneficiary. However, the benefit can only be used specifically for funeral expenses.

What if I already have life insurance?

Even with life insurance, it is recommended to preplan your funeral. Typically, the death benefit from life insurance can take weeks, if not months, before it is paid out. In the event of death, your family is required to pay for funeral expenses upfront, which often creates large out-of-pocket expenses before they receive a life insurance benefit.

Can I have multiple beneficiaries?

Yes, you can. The main beneficiary on a funeral insurance policy is the funeral home. This ensures the policy benefits are paid out immediately after death. If there is any excess of the policy, those funds are returned to the family.

What's the difference between a funeral trust and funeral insurance?

A funeral trust is when money is paid directly to the funeral home, who then places those funds in a trust until you pass. The problem with funeral trusts is that it provides the funeral home with unfettered access to these funds, and unfortunately, there have been accounts of funeral homes misusing these funds or going out of business, with little recourse for the client.

Insurance is different because the premiums are paid directly to the life insurance company. The funeral home will not receive any funds until after your passing, and this money may only be used to cover the cremation expenses.

Are my funds safe?

Yes. Your premiums are paid directly to our national insurance provider, who is licensed and insured in all 50 states.

What happens if you go out of business?

Because your funds are paid directly to our national insurance provider, if something were to happen to, your policy is still effective and insurable through our insurance carrier.

Is my policy transferable?

Yes. All policies may be transferred to another funeral home. There is no requirement that be the service provider, but we are honored to do so.

What happens if I pass away while I'm traveling?

Good question. Many funeral homes don't offer Out of Area Protection (OAP) coverage, instead using it as a loophole to avoid paying out benefits.At, we believe in transparent pricing, without hidden fees. We offer Out of Area Protection with crystal-clear pricing, ensuring you have the option of protection wherever life takes you. Now that's true peace of mind!

What happens if if die before I've paid my policy?

It is important to know that in most circumstances, all current accounts will be honored. If you pass away before all payments are made, your insurance may cover the costs of your final expenses, as long    as you are outside of the mandatory two-year contestable period.

If for some reason you are not current on payments, the amount of your premiums paid-to-date will still be available for your cremation and funeral services. Any remaining balance will be a lesser amount to be covered by family at the time of arrangements. Likewise, if there were any excess funds remaining    from the policy, that money would be returned to your family.

Can I pay off my policy early?

Yes, there are no pre-payment penalties.

What if I decide to cancel?

You may cancel your policy at any time within 30 days of signing for a full refund. Outside of this 30 day window, you will no longer be eligible for a refund or premiums paid.

What happens when I pass?

Since you've already prepaid for your cremation service, your family will simply need to contact to let us know of your passing. We will then file the claim with the insurance provider to obtain the policy benefit and take care of the rest.

Pre-paid Cremation Plans

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