Shirleen Diann Jones

Passed away on
February 17, 2022

Shirleen “Diane” Jones went by her middle name Diane and was also known as D.D. in her younger days. Diane was a beloved great grandmother, grandmother, mother, wife, and sister during her free spirited 74 years of life. She passed away of natural causes on February 17, 2022. She is survived by her three children Kevin, Kenneth, and Kimberly, ten grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.

We will remember Diane for her sense of humor, love for her grandchildren, compassion for senior citizens/the homeless population, love for animals (especially her dog Speedy and cat Gus), and her ‘young at heart’ spirit.

She was born in Long Beach California on February 16, 1948, to her parents, Frank Meagher (iron worker) and Donna Meagher (homemaker). Diane had four younger siblings that she helped to care for and loved dearly, Vickie, Colleen, Ronnie, and Gary.

We will miss Diane dearly, and we are grateful for the memories we had with her.