Robert W. Reese, Jr.

Passed away on
March 10, 2023
Robert W. Reese, Jr., better known as Bob, passed away on March 10, 2023. He was 71 years old. Bob was born on June 24, 1951, to Robert and Bette Reese in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania. As a child, Bob was an altar boy and then as a young man, he was a religious instructor to high school kids. He later developed a deep spiritual interest in the meaning of human existence and how to live in concert with the Creator’s design. He particularly loved the thinking and writings of Native Americans and the Cistercian monk, Thomas Merton. During his childhood, he demonstrated a great love of animals that led him to his life's work. His gentle, loving nature showed through in many aspects of his life. After high school he traveled the states and fell in love with Arizona, knowing he would be back one day to live. He loved the desert, mountains, its people, and their majestic beauty and solitude. Upon returning from his trip west, Bob found his place in the work world caring for horses at Timbercreek Farm in New Jersey. There, he was formally instructed by his uncle Walt in horse husbandry. During that time dear friends Dick and Kathy Lettiere introduced him to their friend and Bob’s soon-to-be-wife, Donna. They married in 1977. Donna was to be Bob’s soulmate and partner for life. Together they moved to Coventry Farm in Princeton and began their new life together. Bob worked the farm estate, caring for a large bird aviary, horses, sheep, lamas, rescued donkeys, and injured deer. He also maintained the equipment and landscaped acres of property. Whenever possible Bob and Donna hiked, paddled, and camped in many beautiful eastern mountains and lakes. After several years at Coventry Farm, Bob concluded that the time had come to begin his own business. Along with his family and friends, Bob established Sundowner Farm on a large piece of land in a small town in New Jersey. On the farm, he and his staff cared for horses of many breeds, especially thoroughbreds, and standardbreds. Sundowners specialized in foaling, boarding, and lay-ups. Meanwhile, Bob and Donna had three daredevil sons—Jeremiah, Joshua, and Jared—who explored the surrounding forest and marshes and fished the ponds. They were following in their dad's adventurous spirit. Through much time and effort, Bob became a master of his trade. After two decades of hard work well done, he and his family decided in 2007 that it was time to sell his business. He and his wife returned to Coventry Farm, whose owners had remained close personal friends. There they continued where they left off, developing even stronger ties and an even more beautiful estate farm. In 2017 Bob purchased his parents’ home in Sun City, Arizona. He soon joined Ace Hardware as an employee where he found new friends and shared his deep knowledge and skill with whoever needed his services. Bob was born out of time: you could easily see him in the 1880s. Indeed, you could see him galloping his horse bareback across the desert as the sunset. He was independent and self-reliant, quiet and introspective; he had a deep sensitivity to order and beauty and a fierce love of family and friends. He was blessed with his mother's happy, positive nature. Bob is preceded in death by his parents, Robert W. Reese and Bette Hay Reese. Bob is survived by his wife, Donna, and their three sons Jeremiah, Joshua, and Jared; his daughter-in-law, Ewa, wife of Joshua; and his granddaughter Remi, child of Joshua and Ewa. He is also survived by his sister Joanne Kane and husband Christopher; brother Kenneth and wife Kim; brother Donald and wife Deborah; and many nieces and nephews. Other surviving family and friends include Lee and Barbara Mallen; Mary Jane and Joseph Herbert; William and Deborah Mallen; and Kathleen Lettiere, as well as many nieces and nephews. The family asks that donations in memory of Bob be sent to the Navajo Water Project at