Passed away on Aug 15, 2023
Robert Michael Morse
The story of
Accompanied by his favorite Beethoven’s symphony, Bob died at 7:15pm on Tuesday, August 15th, 2023. With a dual diagnosis of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, his health had been declining for many years. His was a long illness, borne with paIence, day by day, breath by breath. Bob was born in 1935 in Rome, New York, as the eldest son of Julius and Anne Morse. The family relocated to Brooklyn, New York, as Per the birth of his sister, Linda, in 1942. Bob’s propensity for mathematics was evident even during his high school years in the math club—but his real claim to fame was his classmate, Woody Allen. Bob received a BS in Physics from the Polytechnic InstItute of Brooklyn in 1957 and an MS in Physics in 1958 from the University of Wisconsin. He describes his work in the scientific/computer environment as producing computer software that interfaces smoothly with people and an apparatus to provide useful support facilities. He specialized in real-Ime and interactive programming, instrument operaIng systems and traditional user support functions, debugging aids, simulaIons and emulatons. Bob was drafted by the US Army Chemical Center, Maryland (Dec 1959 to Feb 1962) to program their first computers. Next, he spent two years supporting the development of the BMD statistical program at UCLA Health Science Computing Facility. Moving to Utah, he worked for Kennecott Copper Corporation. Then, he began work as a graduate student at the University of Utah (1968-74) in physics and computer science (M.Phil. [Physics] in 1976). Working for the University of Utah Chemistry Department and the Flammability Center, his skills continued to develop and change as computers, equipment and software evolved. On July 26th, 1980 at Snowbird, Utah, he married graduate student, Janice Hambleton Pearson and gained a new family with children Nicola Pearson and Murray Pearson. In Dec 1981 they emigrated to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. There Bob served as Programmer/Analyst at the University of Alberta Applied Sciences of Medicine and the Cross Cancer InstItute, for 10 years. Then, he and Jan relocated to the Pennsylvania State University. Bob was appointed as Research Associate at the PSU Department of mathematics, where he remained until his retirement in 2006. So much for his work life. But what about the Bob we know and loved? Bob’s health had been declining for several years and in 2007, his final move was to Salt Lake City, home amongst the Utah mountains and old friends, with his boundaries gradually shrinking. Despite perfection, there were Things he did not do: ‘Farming’ (gardening) Pay for parking Watch the news File stuff; discard anything; finish anything Things he tolerated: Shopping Moving Things at which he excelled: Crosswords, puzzles of all types, Rubik’s cube mathematics, computing, all things science-ish Loved his laptop, books, & music A proficient flutist, and a sometimes skier visiting family in Staten Island & New Zealand Theatre, movies, eating out Driving the kids from gigs in the middle of the night Laughing, joking, talking, winning at Scrabble Knowing things; knowing everything Supporting Jan, hugging As you remember Bob, add to this list— He had a brilliant mind, a tremendous sense of humor, and was deeply loved by all. His Doggie Woggy is looking for him.