Ray T Bagley

Passed away on
February 5, 2023
Hi my name is Ray T Bagley. I was brought into this world by two beautiful people Raymond Belmont and Maurine Mantle Bagley on August 2, 1945 in Salt Lake City, Utah where awaiting my arrival was my brother William (Bill) Belmont and sister Connie Jean. Six years later my youngest sister Bonnie Kaye arrived. Then in 1956 my father had passed away suddenly. It was because of him and my brother Bill my passion and love for cars had grown. Over the next few years, I became responsible for taking care of my younger sister while mom and Connie worked. Bonnie and I had so many excursions but our favorite during the summer was going to the movies. We would save up until we had 50 cents each then wait for Mom to leave for work. We would catch the bus to downtown or sometimes Sugarhouse, to see the latest movie. They ran the movies back-to-back and you could stay as long as you wanted, we would watch the movie 4 or 5 times. Then we would decide if we needed to spend our last dime on a hot dog or a bus ticket…the hot dog usually won out. It would take us hours to walk back home because we were so busy looking at everything and my sister had short legs, she was 6 - 8 yrs. old. On one of these excursions’ mom came home early. As we rounded the corner to our street, Mom was yelling our names in her I’m so mad voice. I knew I was in deep trouble and I was right. That was the last time we stayed to watch a movie more than twice. I always made sure I had two extra dimes for the bus and that mom knew where we were going. During my years at Granite High School, I met my wife of 58 years Diane June Ambrose, she was a Radiant Red Head and full of Sass. We were married in the Salt Lake County Courthouse in May of 1964. During this time, I had held down several jobs from working at service stations, assisting Mom & Connie at the bar, and helping build stockcars with Bill. While married to Diane we lived numerus places in the Salt Lake Valley until we ended up in our home in West Valley City. In 1965 I started my lifetime career working at Utah Kennecott Copper and A & B Tax Services. During the times that Kennecott would have strikes I would search for ways to support my family which lead to working at Delta Airlines as a Skycap, and at Avis Shuttle as a driver (while working there I was lucky to have met many celebrities), Checker Auto, Top Hat Video, Hollywood Video, Blockbusters Video, and finally ending up working as a Medical Records Specialist at the University of Utah Hospital and retiring from Kennecott in 2016. In November of 1968 Diane and I began to expand our family with the birth of Theresa Rae (Terry). I will always remember when I had the opportunity to read for Terry and the classmates. I became the “Story Prince” at Lakeridge Elementary and at the Magna Library. At age 7, Terry was able to alphabetize the tax files for my business. I was so proud. In May of 1971 Penni Candra came to us kicking and screaming. I remember Penni being my fashionable rebel child. Everywhere we went her style of dress was of her own design while walking to the beat of her Boom Box. In December of 1974 Kyli Dawn was brought into this world. This one plays into my love of music we enjoyed many concerts together. I still remember the time at the State Fair when I held Kyli up over the chain-link fence to have her cast signed by the musical group “The Jets”. In August of 1977 Devin James was dropped into our laps. So how do I explain what it's like to be the father of a daredevil? I can say this much, it will always keep you on the edge of your seat. For starters, jumping out of a perfectly good flying airplane or hanging off of a cliff in a Jeep. I never thought he'd be the one taking risks. I mean even growing up he wouldn't ride roller coasters at Lagoon. Let alone anything else. But here we are. The last few years have given us the opportunity to bond in a way I can't even explain. But the day he came home and said "hey pop I'm going to get my skydiving license" I wasn't quite sure what to think about it, but the moment I got the chance to see him not only jump out of a plane, but to also see him successfully land without killing himself. I realized at that very moment that he didn't need to be admitted to the psych ward. But with all of the crazy ideas he comes up with I couldn't be prouder of him. Last but not least in March of 1985 we were surprised with the arrival of Qortni Layn. Some of my greatest memories with my youngest child were all of the late nights after I'd get home from my third job, she would crawl up on my bed and ask me to tickle her back while I read her stories until she'd fall asleep. As she got older, all of her siblings moved out and went on with their busy lives, so she practically became an only child. Diane and I would take her on all of our road trips, from camping or car shows. We were always going somewhere. She would lay on the motor home couch while her mom and I would sing along to all the old country songs just to drive her crazy. Throughout all of our trips, I loved taking pictures of the great outdoors. Not only did I instill in her to stop and smell the flowers, but to get pictures of them at every angle. I love the fact that she loves music just as much as I do. I always made sure she remembered to play it loud and to always listen to the words. I spent many enjoyable hours watching my Grandkids perform in their after-school activities. Qylci Dawn (Bott) Jensen – Tae Kwon Do; Dance, Cheyenne Elizabeth Bagley – Dance, Kynzi Rae Bott - Dance; Swim. Great Grandkids Taysum Dan Jensen – Baseball; Soccer, Bryntlee Gaylene Jensen – Dance. And my youngest Kyler Dean Drysdale –Full of smiles and napping throughout the day with me. I have enjoyed seeing their many talents, artistic abilities and achievements in all of them. As a family we enjoyed many trips to The Great Outdoors and Amusement Parks in and surrounding states. We also participated in classic car shows, where I made many lifelong friends. When it became my time on February 5, 2023, I took the “Stairway to Heaven” to reunite with my loved ones. (Father) Raymond Belmont Bagley, (Mother) Maurine Mantle Bagley, (Wife) Diane June Ambrose Bagley, (Daughter) Penni Candra Bagley Howard, (Granddaughter) Cheyenne Elizabeth Bagley, (Brother) William Belmont Bagley, (Sister) Connie Jean Bagley I left behind my daughters Theresa Rae Bagley and partner Patti Schmidt, Kyli Dawn Bagley Bott and her spouse Byron Bott, Qortni Layn Bagley, and son Devin James Bagley. Sister Bonnie Kaye Bagley. Granddaughters, Qylci Dawn Bott Jensen and her spouse Ty Jensen. Kynzi Rae Bott and her partner Kayden Drysdale. Three great grandchildren, Taysum and Bryntlee Jensen, and Kyler Drysdale. Along with my son-in-law Randy Howard, and sister-in-law Kathy Bagley. Thanks to all the Doctors, Nurses and staff members at IMC and my Hospice Care. I know these past few weeks have been hard for everyone. I'm incredibly blessed to have such an amazing family by my side. And to my children, who took time out of their busy lives to take care of me, thank you for everything you've done. I love you all. As per my request, I have chosen not to have any services and in lieu of flowers please feel free to donate to Shriners Hospital or Kruisers for Kids