Michael Morning Bear Wild

Passed away on
March 15, 2023
Michael Morning Bear Wild 2/25/72 - 3/15/23 Michael Morning Bear Wild passed away the night of 3/15/23 from being fatally hit by a car while crossing the street in Greeley, CO. He was known by many for the little drops of art that he would scatter his hometowns with. Though Boulder, CO was home to him for many years, he spent about a year in Texas and a little more than a year on the big island of Hawaii, but Colorado was always home. Well known as an authentic, “one of the real ones,” DJ for many years in Boulder, DJ Morning Bear rocked the walls and the bodies of those that saw him play at The Root of the Hill as well as other house parties and events as far south as Durango. He loved to create art, through music, painting, beads, and nature. He has left behind many of these creations as gifts to family and friends and as art left in public places. Bear was also a great cook. He worked in many restaurants across Colorado sharing his expertise from years of experience working in kitchens and his love of “good” food. He often shared his cooking skills and knowledge with others. He loved to spend time outside playing in rivers, fishing in lakes and ponds, and being in the sunshine. Spring was his favorite season, as all life began again and the sun melted the cold away. Michael, Bear, is preceded in death by his father, whom he never met, his mother Linda, a gentle woman with a dear heart, and his brother Christopher, whom he helped care for as a child. He is survived by four incredible daughters and sons; Ashley, Irie, Zane, and Ezekiel. His children will carry on his brave heart and courageous spirit and in them, he will live on. He will be dearly missed by his Wife and best friend, Bianca. His closest friends, Brittany and Ben, will never forget him and the influence that he had on their lives will never fade. A life cut too short, he will be missed by those that knew him, those whose lives he touched, and those that passed him by on the streets. An apple tree will be planted with some of his ashes, his wish for you is that you give thanks for this life every day. “The real prize in life is how you treat others, that is your wealth.” MB “Nothing last forever, but the Earth and sky it slips away and all your money won’t another minute buy dust in the wind all we are is dust in the wind”