Passed away on Aug 24, 2023
Michael Duane Yates
The story of Michael

Michael Duane Yates, 74, passed away on August 24, 2023 in Gresham, Oregon. He was born on July 3, 1949 in Loma Linda, California to Gloria (Fitzgerald) Yates and Cecil Yates.

Michael is survived by his children Natalie Robin Yates and her children Bryn, Danae and Atlas Yates; Kelly Diane McNutt and her children Alyssa and Grace McNutt; and Krista Lynn Stone with her children Cassidy, Dominic, Anthony and Connor. Michael is preceded in death by his parents Gloria and Cecil.

Michael was a person whose personality strongly touched everyone he came into contact with. He once paid 10 dollars for 25 cent lemonade and told the kid to keep the change, just to make her smile. He taught his children to love and respect life, to be able to wander the forest without being lost and to care more for others than for themselves. Michael would do anything to help anyone and was quick to forgive.

Michael loved to go fishing; he enjoyed hunting and taking his children out woodcutting or just for a ride on the motorcycle. He was an avid scuba diver, surfer and was the one person you knew could help with any issue from how to fix a car to how to fix something in your house.

It is with a selfish heart that we wish he was here to share more of our lives, but he is needed elsewhere and where he goes, we cannot yet follow.

It’s with love that we ask all who knew him to cast a rod and sip a Dr. Pepper in his memory, we know that’s exactly what he’s doing right now. Michael asked that his remains be cremated, and scattered by his children. To honor his wishes, there will be no services; however an event will be planned for a future date.