Lisa Marie Nichols

Passed away on
February 18, 2023
On December 2nd of 1980, Lisa Marie Nichols was born to Cheryl Nichols Garsha and Stan Nichols. She was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Along side her siblings Casey, Justin, Jennifer, and Ashley Nichols. From an early age Lisa was known to be fiercely driven by her strong emotions and even stronger love. This love would be cultivated and shared with her children Leah, Nathan, Emily, Abby, and Andrew. She held her children very close to her heart despite her circumstances. Lisa led a life that was full of twists and turns, ups and downs, and most importantly laughter. When Lisa's loved ones speak about memories they have of her, often you'll hear of the laughter and smiles that they had once shared with her in early years. While times were not always easy, Lisa will always be missed dearly and loved unconditionally by those who truly knew her. We love you tooo much. She passed away February 18th of 2023 "Love was there. It never knocked at the door or rang the doorbell. It never wrote us letters or came in big bold obvious ink. The love did not change anything or save anyone at the end of the day. Her love was tangled up in her confusion. Every once and awhile when she had the energy or opportunity, she would untangle it and hang it up like christmas lights. Sometimes I find her love in old photos or songs she use to listen to. Her love did not come in carefully picked words or huge extraordinary gifts. No, but it traveled miles and always found its way back to me. Her love survived distance and circumstance, even when she did not. She loved deeply and desperately. I will choose to remember her love." -Emily