Liam Simonet Schoeninger

Passed away on
January 16, 2023

Liam Simonet Schoeninger was born to a completely unprepared, yet excited mother on a lovely summer morning on August 28th, 2003. As a weeping young mother loaded her new baby into the car for the first time, the nurse reassured her it would be fine - and alas, like all of the kind humans in the nursing field, she was right.  As a young kid, Liam loved BIG tractors, John Denver, and Napolean Dynamite.  When Liam was three years old he was delighted to learn he would be assigned a younger brother, Coen to forever harass and delight all at the same time.  A Denver native, Liam loved biking with his brother to City Park, shooting hoops, and harassing the geese that forever blessed his family's picnics with their foul waste.  With an incredible vocabulary, he wowed and inspired many DPS teachers throughout his years at Park Hill Elementary, McAuliffe International School, and finally as an East Angel.  The dedicated and somewhat forlorn staff at the neighborhood King Soopers was lucky enough to have Liam join their ranks and were quickly made even slightly less forlorn as Liam blessed them with his smile and humor.  This wouldn't be an obituary without a proper ending, so here's the hard part.  As we all know, life also has its struggles, and for our sweet Liam, that was the tragic disease of addiction.  With that same weeping (not so young now) mother at his side, Liam passed away at Rose Medical Center after a team of incredible nurses tried for days to save him on the morning of January 16th, 2023.  He was 19 years old.  Loved by so many, and dearly missed by all, Liam is remembered for that contagious smile, warm hugs, and deeply feeling heart.  He is survived by his mother, Frances Simonet, his younger brother Coen Schoeninger, his father Greg Schoeninger, five doting grandparents, John and Melanie Simonet, Minnie Simonet, and Jim and Patti Schoeninger.  Also in the ranks of adorers are his many cousins, his aunts and uncles, and a large portion of the human and canine population of Park Hill who consider themselves honorary family members.  We already got flowers from the mayor, so yours probably can't beat that - but if you're feeling generous, contributions to his GoFundMe will be used for the financial burden this tragedy has bestowed on his family.