Justin Herley

Passed away on
December 17, 2022

Justin Herley was a wonderful, charismatic human being. He was the kind of person who would stop to help a stranger change their tire; someone who was always there when you needed help to move.

He loved his daughter, Ashley, and her partner Davon, and adored his granddaughter, Amberly. He would drive for miles to go be with her, or bring her to stay with him for the weekend, and always beamed about either future plans, or past experiences with her, to his friends.

Justin was salty, he was funny, and he made mistakes...we all do. The one thing that he had the hardest time with, was giving his whole heart to someone. He kept it very close, and if he gave it to you...it was truly a gift.

Unfortunately, sometimes that gift isn't received as such and it proved to be too much for him to bear. To those who know him best, he was a wonderful amazing inventive, and beautiful person. To those who took advantage, here is your result. Please remember to always be kind to each other, and don't accept gifts that you don't want or deserve. See you at the cemetery gates my friend. We love you always!