June Evelyn Cromwell

Passed away on
January 10, 2023
June Evelyn Cromwell was born on February 19, 1951, to Madonna and Glen Ebmeyer in Sunnyvale, Utah. She was their oldest child, followed by her 6 siblings Barbara, Donald, John, Glen, Richard, and James soon after. She was born into a Navy family and grew up with her siblings in San Diego, CA. She spent her summers visiting her maternal Grandmother in Indianapolis, IN. June graduated from Hoover High School in 1969, went into the US Air Force, and was stationed in Syracuse, NY. When she got out of the military, she returned to San Diego, married her high school sweetheart, Joe Cromwell in 1974, and had 3 children. June, in 1975; Joanne in 1978; and John in 1979. June and Joe raised their children in the catholic faith and sent them all to catholic school. She and Joe divorced in 1995 but remained friendly. June’s work life included managing Mann Theatres, working in Accounts Payable for Napa Auto Parts, and Trandes Corporation until she retired. She was a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner as of 1999 and did massage therapy as well. In March of 1997, she welcomed her first grandchild Meghan. She welcomed her second grandchild, Ashley in March of 2000, twins Emily and Chloe in April of 2002, Lyndsay in June of 2002, Jacob in July of 2005, Dylan in October 2009, and lastly Danny in January of 2010. She loved being a Nana, and often commented that “if I knew grandparenting was this fun, I would have done it first.” Every grandchild received a white silk blanket with their name embroidered in pink or blue when they were born and this soon became her signature baby gift to give at showers. June’s hobbies included reading and collecting different series of books and children’s books for her grandkids. She loved movies and series and had an incredible movie collection. She also collected first-edition books signed by authors, medieval books, and knick-knacks of dragons, fairies, wizards, and witches. She loved Whalen and Thomas Kincaid's art, and kitchen gadgets. She loved scuba diving for a while, and enjoyed water aerobics and walking in the pool. June loved the color red and called it her “signature’ color. She loved hummingbirds, sitting in a warm jacuzzi with her book and a cold Pepsi, and spending time with her family. June loved her family and was so very proud of all of them. June will be remembered as having a very big heart and always willing to be there to help out her family, friends, church community, and co-workers with a phone call, her time, or a hug. June is survived by 3 of her siblings, her 3 children, and 8 grandchildren.