George Bonner

Passed away on
May 3, 2023
George Bonner was born on July 10th, 1967 to his mother Gloria Bonner, and George Luck. George had siblings from his mother and father Timothy Lisa Veronica Michael. He loved them all differently. George moved to Arizona in the summer of 2008 where he met his wife whom he married 1 year later on July 30th, 2009. His wife's name is Charlene Renee Bonner when they met they were down on their luck and homeless. George informed his wife of his travels in life and they began to correct their failures of the past. George began to improve his mental health as well as his career working with the Government. He achieved it too. But in the midst of it all things were bad at home and George got sick. He was a real smart tough guy and very caring in his own way. George Bonner separated from his wife and hid his illness from her and learned to take care of things alone once again. As the years went George got worse still reluctant to tell his wife that he is not healthy. She thought he was lying because he was still working and doing things sick people don't do. George was very educated and so is his wife he didn't tell her because she would have tried to fix him and he felt he didn't deserve that. But, he deserved to receive as much love and support as anyone else he finally caved and told her the truth and apologized for the disrespect. He finally returned home after years of separation and 4.5 hours later he was rushed to the ER unable to breathe he fought 8 days before we had to say goodbye. We love him and we are going to miss him something crazy. George Bonner a man who worked until cancer took his breath.