Earnest McKown

Passed away on
February 4, 2023
Earnie McKown drifted off this mortal coil on February 4th 2023 at his home in Ogden.. His spirit was released from his worn-out shell of a body and is now exploring the universe i.e., Guitar Center. Undoubtedly laughing it up with friends and family who preceded him in death. He left too soon at 47 years old. Born on September 9th 1975 in San Bernardino, California. He spoke frequently of his time there, speaking of his love for his mother (Gloria) and how she bred chihuahuas and had a pet donkey. Pictures or it didn’t happen? I have ‘em! Even though San Bernardino was his birthplace we believe he would have considered Ogden his home, he loved his community and did everything he could to bring people together, from The Paris Café to Punk in the Park. Although not religious, Earnie was spiritual and believed that kindness matters, he was a fierce protector, a gracious friend and loving father. He was a custom painter by trade, starting his business in 2002. He dedicated himself to his craft, always learning and improving. Whether it was a million-dollar property or a simple single room repaint, Earnie prided himself on a job well done. He loved driving around town pointing out homes/business he had painted or restored. A paint brush in his hand was basically an extension of himself. Earnie loved music, participating in many different bands over the course of his time. He claims he was refused by the Blue Man Group because he was horizontally challenged... This propelled him into the love of working backstage, free concerts dude! He loved playing base guitar as often as possible, dart tournaments, and playing poker anytime a chair was open. He was known for his long, entertaining stories, which he loved to repeat often and with reckless abandon. He loved four letter words as much as he loved his dog Jack, whom we always joked would outlive all of us, little did we know, the joke was on us. He will be sorely missed and survived by his children Devin Lee McKown, and Eric Patrick McKown aka Booger, siblings; April Estrada, Debbie Swanson, Rustle Larkins, Tim Noren, Wayne (Diane) Noren, and William Noren. Stepfather, Rodney Larkins. He also leaves behind his fiancé, Kelsie Marie Socwell, who plans on searching for him at every guitar center or coffee shop in the universe so we can finally get hitched. He was preceded in death by his loving mother Gloria J. Cox Larkins, “Uncle” Jeff Socwell, “Grammy” Rosemond Socwell, “Grumps” Clarence Socwell, and beloved pets Tank and Copper. All of whom loved him dearly and will never forget his tenacity, wit, charm, and undying love and caring for each of them. Everyone who remembers Earnie is asked to celebrate his life in their own way; telling a ‘He wasn’t so bad’ or ‘What an ass’ story of their choosing. Please do it often While his whole family is deeply saddened by Earnie’s passing, there is a rumor floating around that this was all just an elaborate plan to get out of unloading the damn dishwasher. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Kelsie Socwell and friends will be planning a celebration of life for Earnie, updates on that will be posted to Facebook as they are available. Please come a celebrate a great man who left too early. Donations are appreciated. All of which will go towards the cremation cost as well as moving expenses (Witness Protection} please give to Venmo @Earnest-McKown, every little bit helps.