Deborah Gay Hallsted

Passed away on
January 29, 2023
Deborah Hallsted was born Deborah Gay Wilson in Australia on August 16, 1955. She and her younger sister Becky eventually emigrated to the United States as children. Deborah did not have an easy life, enduring the Arizona foster system and then keeping Becky out of foster care by serving as her guardian. Despite the hard knocks, Deborah became a kind, strong woman who cherished her children, tithed to her Mesa ward diligently, and followed Jesus devotedly. Determined that her children would not suffer the abuse she had, she corrected and guided them with loving innovation. To help her family survive, she made their clothes and bread and then, late into the night, painted exquisite home decor to sell. She trained to be a massage therapist, becoming skilled and sought after, and only rheumatoid arthritis and transverse myelitis could stop her. She remained cheerful, generous, and loving, ready to tell anyone about the small miracles she experienced every day. Deborah welcomed strangers into her home and made clients into friends and family. When a brain tumor required surgery, she rejoiced that they hadn't cut off her long blonde hair. When she was diagnosed as terminal, Deborah was comforted by how her family came together in love. Her family and Jesus were her greatest joys until she died January 29, 2023. Deborah is survived by her children, Julie, Beth, Christopher, and Kim; her sister Becky (Chris) Opel; and her grandchildren, Jonathan Burgos, Aaliyah Goff, Kayla Goff, and Asha Dunn.