Darius "DJ" Hairston

Passed away on
March 5, 2023
Darius Jovoan Hairston “DJ” was born on May 28, 1989, at Hurley Hospital in Flint, MI to Tasha Hairston and James Hairston Sr. Darius Graduated from Greenville Weston High School in Greenville, MS. Darius moved to Phoenix, AZ in 2014. Darius always talked about how he loved it in AZ and wanted his siblings to move to AZ. Despite his own medical trials, Darius went on to provide medical care to others in the caregiving field. Darius was a giver, forgiver, selfless, charismatic, helpful, sociable, humorous, happy, and most importantly, a strong man. Darius was brilliant, goal-driven, ambitious, and optimistic. Darius had many gifts to contribute to this world. He was passionate about orphans and wanted to provide housing for them. Darius pursued many entrepreneurial opportunities. Darius loved spending time with his family and friends. Darius proceeds in death with his beloved mother, Tasha Hairston. Darius' legacy lives on through his brother: James Hairston Jr., 2 sisters: Chakhari Owens (Hairston) and Khade’Ja Hairston, 3 nephews: Nehemiah Owens, Noah Owens, and Zacharias Owens. “He was my best friend and my baby brother. He was my peace and protected me fiercely from anyone who had a problem with me. I was his hero. He would always tell me I’m my brother's keeper and that means so much more now than it ever did before. DJ was full of life, but he didn’t get a solid chance at living it. He didn’t deserve the cards he was dealt. I will miss my baby brother every day for the rest of my life. Brothers have a bond like no other and no one can break it. I hope whatever is after this life is something close to the feeling of you little brother. I love you always and forever" - James “ DJ was my big brother, but I always felt like a big sister. We are only 2 months apart, so that was a twin. I'll cherish the memories. I love you from this life and into the next" - Khari "He was my big, goofy, and protective brother. I can remember the times every time I would see him, he'd always say "That's my baby sister". I feel I will carry him with me through my goofiness, humorous side, and caring for others, and my siblings. I love him so him and will always love him and I can only be at peace to hope he with Tasha now and he no longer has to go through daily struggles anymore." -De'Ja The family would like to thank Isaiah for your loyalty and friendship toward DJ while in AZ. The family would also like to thank After.com for your support and assistance in our brother's proceedings.