Passed away on Oct 11, 2021
Cynthia Ann Bommersbach Martinez
The story of Cynthia

Cynthia was an un-tamable soul. It's that red-hair.  She loved her Daughters Erin and Michelle.

Erin had 3 beautiful daughter's that got to spend some of the best time getting advice from their crazy Nana and live by it daily. Bitchen!

Michelle has 4 boys and a ladybug. Cynthia had been married to her Curtie pie for damn near 40 years.

Thank God for them Bommersbachs, brothers Lou, Chance and Dave. The most important man is her surviving father the one and only Charles D. Bommersbach. Mama I'm comen home!

Live free hippie soul, RIP. Forever missed, Always loved and for sure Never forgotten, Mama, Crazy Nana and Babe!

Right on, Cin✌